Precise, innovative,reliable and accurate is what our business is built on. In order to produce the world-class quality tester, it can only be cultivated with time, care and commitment – there are no short-cuts here. Neware is constituted by R&D center, Production department, Technical support department, Sales and After-sales services department, therefore, there is no middlemen. We meet the producers and get to know them, to make sure our products are made by the best quality materials. We talk with our clients, to make sure every single requirement is accomplished.  For us, we put 100% of our tenaciousness and passion every single details.
   We have three main factories in China, it is one of ours located in Shenzhen. This factory has sufficient space for storage, daily manufacturing operation. Working safe is one of our first condition in the factory. Temperature, ventilate and fireproofing are automatic controlled by the system. Our workers are perfectly trained before they operate, and of course, regular staff training is one of the necessary activity. Working performance is automatically assessed by our system, so that every single staff has a fair chance to be promoted and rewarded. Because of the fully automatically production and management system, the effectiveness and efficiency is highly improved.
   Thus, Neware is not only a tester provider, we guarantee that we deliver on our promise of the world-class quality.


Edit by: Yitta Liu