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Hi, welcome to Neware!



Hello, could you give me a brief introduction about Neware?

Sure! Neware, established in 1998, is a “High-Tech Company” certificated by Shenzhen government. We are committed to providing world-class battery testing equipment with large power output and high accuracy. We adopt SAP as our ERP system and comply with ISO9000 standard (ISO9001:2008, Reg. No: 0409035). We has been investing more than 10% of  our revenue  in R&D in order to keep improving our innovation ability. As one of the best bettery testing system manufacturers, we supply reliable and flexible testing machine with competitive price for more than 18,000 customers ranging from battery factories to R&D institutes all around the world.


Awesome! Can you introduce different series of your products?

My pleasure! BTS3000, 4000, 8000, 9000, and IGBT 7000 are our primary product series. BTS3000 is a classic series which is primarily designed for testing cell, module formation, capacity, and cycle life. BTS4000 is the most popular series, and it is an update version of BTS3000. Moreover, BTS 8000 is mainly for EV (Electric Vehicle) drive cycle simulation, and BTS9000 is our cutting-edge Series, which is excellent for testing battery or material research. At last, IGBT 7000 series focuses on testing energy devices with high voltages and high power such as battery module and pack.


How do I know which testing equipment is suitable for me?

We have more than 500 kinds of battery testing equipment. If you could tell me what kind of battery you want to test, what are the nominal voltage and capacity of the battery, and how much channels you need, I will recommend the most suitable tester for you. Also, we can customize for you within a reasonable price if you have any special requirement.


Thanks. How about your warranty?

Generally, we will provide one year guarantee including hardware change and technique support. If there is any other requirement, we can also offer additional services.



Good. How long will be the delivery time?

We send out goods within seven working days after payment received if they are in stock. If the equipment is customized or out of stock, delivery time will be extended within a specified time.



Can we visit your factory?

Of course. We warmly welcome our clients to visit our offices and factories.


Thank you. The last question. Could you tell me how to connect the the testing equipment and install the software?


The product is shipped with an operating instruction and a CD containing software packages. We will also continually provide full support for you.



Thanks a lot.

You are welcome!