There are numerous rising firms starting to invest in the battery testing program recently, ever since the renewable energy industry was fast expended in 2008. Based on the industry report from IBISWorld, Renewable energy industries expanded during most of 2008, and by August 2008, there were at least 160 publicly traded renewable energy companies with a market capitalization greater than $100 million. An estimated $120 billion was invested in renewable energy globally in 2008.

Of course, there are lots of companies exist in the market and offering cheap prices, while, as we always saying, you pay what you got. Here are the reasons that why our price is competitive:

  1. 90% of machine’s parts are import from global brand, such as EPCOS and Infineon. Because we strongly believe that qualified and advanced tester is one of the most important safeguard.   
  2. Our business started since year 1998, facts show that our decision is correct and fat-sighted.
  3. Comparing with other companies, our products are 100% designed, invented and produced by our self.
  4. Our company is innovation-orientated, keep us fresh and energetic.
  5. Neware is a reliable brand with a group of loyal customers, our relationship is built on the trust.  

Therefore, Neware is burnt to be different, we are the pioneer of the industry and we are waiting for you to join us!

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