As we mentioned at ‘our product’ sector, ever since BTS 4000 entered into the market in 2008, it successful gained a large scale of the international market shares, became one of out top star. Now, let me take you into the world of BTS 4000 series, to understand why there are thousands of battery manufacturers, battery research institutes and laboratories are using it. 



Due to the rapid data acquisition frequency, BTS 4000 could also be applied for super capacitor or EDIC (Electronic Double Layer Capacitor) tests. Through our advanced software, the capacitance, DCIR (Direct Current Internal Resistance) and LC (Leakage Current) could be easily calculated. 
Now, lets divided BTS4000 series into different type based on the testing sample。

Also, as we can see from the pie chart below, our BTS 4000 has been sold to the worldwide expecially in the US, India and Germany etc.. 


Edit By: Yitta Liu