2018 Conference on Chemistry of Energy Materials is one of the most important and professional conference in the chemical energy materials industry, hosted by the China Chemical Society (CCS), Tsinghua University and Peking University, as one of the leader in the battery testing industry, we are glad to be the part of this annual event.
This seminar was focused on the theme of “Energy Materials and Chemistry”, aimed to have a better vision of high-end academic exchanges; exploring the new opportunity; discussing the current popular issues in the field of new energy materials; promoting discipline development and technological innovation and motivate the whole industry to be developed across the nation. Topics were including lithium/sodium ion batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, lithium-air batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, electrocatalysis, solar energy, biomass energy, energy conversion materials, energy materials resources, and recycling chemicals, and other chemical issues. , material characterization and etc..
Neware, an energetic, creative and motivated enterprise, we are keeping our self on the way,  which lead us to the future success. After 20 years experiences in this business, and partnerships with numerous multinational groups, we brought our experiences into this conference and exchange with our colleagues and industry experts,  in order to take the social responsibility and help with the industry progresses.
The conference was also supported by:
RSC、《Joule》、《Advanced Energy Materials》、《Energy Storage Materials》、《Materials Chemistry Frontiers》、《Nano-Micro Letters》、《Green Energy & Environment》、《Journal of Energy Chemistry》、《Science China Materials》、《Science Bulletin》、《Chinese Chemical Letters》、《Rare Metals》、《Materials Today Nano》、《Energy and Environmental Materials》

Edit By: Yitta Liu