It is well-known that Lithium-ion batteries have already became the major energy source for everything such as smart phones, laptops, power tools and electric cars, ever since Lithium-ion batteries are getting into people’s daily life, more and more researchers around the world are actively seeking ways to nudge their performance toward ever-higher levels. MIT as the one of the most famous higher education institute around the world, it already has numerous studies in this area, for example, MIT and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) had a research about “why one widely used compound works particularly well as the material for one of these batteries’ two electrodes” in 2011. (MIT News, 2011)
The study about Lithium-ion Battery does not stop till now. In this case, MIT chose us as their supplier, in order to use our products to test and find a way to maximum its utility, and on the other hand, how to minimum its safety risk. The product we provided to MIT its BTS 9008-5V-5A and BTS 4008- 10mA、20mA、5V-6A AND 5V-12A.

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 BTS-9008  AND BTS-4000


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