BTS is short for Battery Testing System. BTS is primary designed for testing  performance and cycle life of rechargeable batteries in different fields, particularly battery production, scientific research and QC department. BTS is composed by host computer, middle-subordinate machine, and lower-subordinate machine..

Host Computer: is composed of computer and corresponding control software packages. It
is responsible for testing data receive, memory, demonstration, processing, and alarm. 

Middle-subordinate Machine (middle machine): is responsible for transmitting information, outputting  executive command, and saving data. It receives orders from host computer and control lower-subordinate machine. If electricity cuts off, middle machine will be able to save the data.

Lower-subordinate Machine (testing equipment): focus on the order from host computer or middle-subordinate machine, makes channels working, and collects
the real-time data from the working channels, and then gather-data will be uploaded to the host computer or the middle-subordinate machine.

BTS includes BTS large-power series ( 5V1000A, 60V300A etc. ), BTS general series (5V3A, 5V6A, 5V20A, 10V3A, etc.) and BTS low-power series (5V1mA, 5V10mA, 5V50mA, etc.).



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