Thank you for using Neware battery testers. In order to ensure your safety, please read the specification and the safety caution before using our equipment.

This-is-a-warning-sign The following warnings can help us to avoid some misapplications:

  • Pay attention to the wire polarity and the maximum power requirement. Improperly electricity connection may must be grounded. There will be voltage difference between 2 sets of non-grounded equipment; touching them at the same time will result in electric shock to the people.

  • plugging the equipment to a power supply without the voltage range which indicated on the equipment information label is not allowed.

  • Battery should be correctly connected to the channel output clamps. Improper connection will result in battery damage.

  • If the voltage of a battery is higher than the voltage range of the equipment, connection is not permitted. This will damage the equipment.

  • If the equipment has a voltage output range or your battery voltage is larger than 36V (minimum safety voltage to human, different from standards), you should take great caution to operate both equipment channel and battery you are going to test.

  • Be careful to operate equipment channel and battery when the equipment has a voltage output range or battery voltage is higher than 36V which is the minimum safety voltage to human. The minimum safety voltage will be different due to different standards. 

  • Testing equipment should be used within a specified range, generally between 0℃ to 40 ℃. The accuracy error could be caused by temperature change.

Please contact us to know more warnings.

Edit by: Kevin Du