What is DCIR Test 

Direct current internal resistance, known as  DCIR,  it is the resistance of batteries  when current flowing through the battery. And it is measured by the standard unit called the ohm.The value of DCIR can be flexible, and it depending on lots of factors, like battery’s materials, electrolyte concentration, temperature, and depth of discharge etc.. Battery’s  discharge performance is limited by  variation of DCIR, therefore, it is recognized the better batteries have lower  resistance. In this case, lots of businesses believe DCIR as the one of the most important indicator when they test the quality of batteries. The method of DCIR measurement is to inject high current into the anodeand cathode of the battery in a short period, and then record the changes of battery voltage and charge/discharge current, to use Ohm’s Law by calculating DCIR, it is equal to voltage variation is divided by current variation. Now, i m going to show you how does our BTS 4000 test DCIR and how it shows and calculate by our software. 

Select record rows from the data area directly to calculate DCIP, or launch DCIR calculator by clicking the DCIR tool on the tool bar, or the command on the right click menu of the data area.


Step 1 in our software

2. Choose step DCIR or Pulse to load the targeted data to calculate DCIR. If you click step DCIR, there will be some options provided to ensure you manage what step groups and the exact records be accounted as DCIR raw data. HPPC test from Freedom Car manual has a DCIR algorithm which draws data from the last point of rest and the data from the last point of the 10 seconds pulse – discharge or regen. Now we set the steps groups and data select methods. click OK will show the calculation result in the data grid. You can copy or export data to other disks.  











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