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          Neware BTS9000 is the best battery tester from Neware, it is primarily designed for: battery research insitutues, universities and laboratories of battery companies. Samsung and LG are using BTS9000 as well. It came into the market with extremely high accuracy (±0.02% of FS), amazingly quick hardware response time(≤100µs), high-speed data acquisition frequency(1000Hz) and many other industry-proven characteristics. BTS9000 can tell the subtle difference of all kinds of battery materials, and help you to find the future battery material and solution.


GSM Curves Output by BTS9000

4 Current Ranges (Auto Switch)
Range 1 0.1µA~150µA ±30µA
Range 2 150µA~5mA ±1µA
Range 3 5mA~150mA ±30µA
Range 4 150mA~5A ±1mA
GSM/ CDMA/ GPRS and other pulses tests;
rate, static capacity, cycle life and etc

The difference between BTS9000 and “M” equipment (one of the best and the most famous battery testers all over the world) :

   •Off-line working: 

——BTS9000 supports 

——”M” equipment dosen’t support 

 If a battery tester does not support Off-line operation,  the testing process will be stopped, and the data will loss due to power failure, wire broken, or computer crash; but if this equipment supports off-line working, the data will save in the SD card, and upload automatically once the equipment is on-line again.


 • The number of output ranges:  

——BTS9000:40 channels in one cabinet

——”M” equipment: 16 channels in one cabinet


 • Recording capacity: 

——BTS9000 1000Hz supports 8 channels working at the same time, and it just takes up very little memory and CUP.

——”M” 800Hz just supports 1 channel, and it takes up much more memory and CUP. The working channel would be stopped when the computer is overburdened.


 • Minimum pulse width:


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