After knowing about BTS series, some of our customers may wonder why 3000 series was not named as BTS3000, but BTS3000n. What does “n” mean? Which one is correct? Are they both on the market? What is the difference? 

Neware battery testing system (click here to know what BTS is) can be distinguished into 3000, 4000,  8000 and 9000, but 3000 has its own secrets, that you might be also curious. Let me tell you what happen.

Yes, we have BTS3000 and BTS3000n serise. BTS3000 is the basic and classic series of Neware. It was launched in 2006, and it is 12 years old now. Nevertheless, it dose not mean that BTS3000 is out of fashion. A lot of universities and research institutions still use it for more than 5 years. 

However, because of the increasing demand, BTS3000n, a update version of BTS3000, was created to meet the demand. We are going to illustrate the advantages of BTS3000n:

Advantages of BTS3000n

As you can see, BTS3000n is better than BTS3000, and both prices are smillar. As a result,  BTS3000n series might be a better choice.

Edit by: Kevin Du


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