BTS3000n Or BTS4000?

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BTS4000 With Universial Holder To Test Cylindrical Cells As Well As Coin Cells and Pouch Cells


What are the differences between BTS3000n and BTS4000? This is a very important question. A lot of our customers would ask the same question because they do not know how to choose their equipment and which one is better for them.

Before getting to know what the differences between BTS3000n and BTS4000 are, you had better know what BTS3000n is (click here to know the differences between BTS3000 and BTS3000n). BTS3000n and BTS4000 are both upgraded versions of  BTS3000. While, BTS3000n only increased the parameters, but comparing with BTS3000n, it also has more features, such as data acquisition, hardware response time, and accuracy of the results.

BTS4000 is the most popular and reliable series of Neware. It was launched in 2008, till  now, it is 10 years old,  however,  it is still growing as Neware’s R&D department continues revamping the products to meet the increasing market demands. 

BTS4000 With 164 Airplug Sockets To Test Coin Cells And Pouch Cells

BTS4000 can test Pulse, HPPC, and DCIR which are significant parameters of cell-testing. Particularly, DCIR test, it requires the equipment with the high performances, such as extraordinary fast response time and  data acquisition frequency, and accruate timing control respectively.

Some people may ask, “why don’t you just promote BTS4000 series if it is ‘the best’ of all products”. Like every coin has two sides, BTS3000n and BTS4000 both have their advantages and disadvantages based on the different testing objectives.  How to decide a suitable tester should be depended on the specific requirements.  The following table simply illustrates the differences between  BTS3000n-5V6A-8CH and BTS4000-5V6A-8CH as an easy example to kick start.

Model Accuracy Ranges Current Output Range Current Response
HPPC Testing Pulse Testing DCIR Testing Price Mainly Applies for
BTS3000n-5V6A 0.05% of FS 1 3mA-6A ≤20ms × × × A little lower Life-cycle
BTS4000-5V6A 0.05% of FS 2 0.5mA-6A ≤1ms A little higher Life-cycle and daily research

After going through the table, we probably know how to select our tester. Besides, the universal sfortware system can be supported by all types of tester excepts BTS3000 and BTS9000, which  is easy to operate. It means that people who have already owned BTS7000 and BTS8000, it is more convenient for them to test BTS4000. However, the users of BTS3000 need to be awerad of the compatibility. 

If you would like to know more about which series is more suitable for you, please contact us!

Kevin Du



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