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Neware’s BTS 4000 series is designed on the various of existing batteries type, such as 18750, coin cells, and pack etc.. As for power bank testing solution, our BTS-MPTS (mobile power pack testing system), it is especially aimed at power bank manufactures, and exporters, in order to provide the reliable test result for every single stakeholders. BTS-4000-6V4A-CCDC-USB, which is based on BTS4000 , therefore,  expects its similar features, it also has some spectacular  specification;




There are some important parameters need to be considered, when we test the quality of a power bank,  such as capacity, life cycle etc., therefore, BTS-4000-6V4A-CCDC-USB can meet the needs of power bank test. The main features are displayed as the fallowing pictures;  

capacity testing
cycle-life testing
conversion efficiency testing
battery protection module testing
power activation
intelligent waiting
logical AND and logical OR

Here are some explanations need to be dressed:  

  • Enable  to test conversion efficiency: (discharging capacity/ charging capacity ) *100%
  • The battery protection module can be tested, to see if it works or not.
  • The intelligent function can automatically switch  from resting to working  model.
  • The software supports to set up logical operations process, such as”AND” and  “OR”
Mobile-power-pack-power bank-testing-system
Mobile-power-pack-power bank-testing-system

 Easy to operate

Based on the following picture, the machine consists of ten lower machines and one middle machine. This is more convenient for customers if they preferred testing power bank with multiple channels. It is also convenient that power banks can be tested directly by the connection between USB wire and the USB port instead of using other clamps.







Edit by: Oliver Tao


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