Get To Know More About BTS8000

BTS8000, focuses on driving cycle simulation, it is called simulation testing system.  The main functions of BTS8000 are power battery condition simulation, pulse charging and dscharging, cycle life, and customer-defined rate of charge and discharge. BTS8000 utilizes dynamic power or current waveform to simulate electric vehicle driving road. Increasing number of EV manufacturers, research institutes, and colleges and universities choose BTS8000 to test high-power cells and battery modules. They generally use it to simulate the electric vehicle driving road conditions through the dynamic power or current waveform.



●The picture on the left side is BTS8000, and the picture on the right side is BTS4000. As shown in the pictures, the color of the top and the bottom cover plates between  BTS8000 and BTS4000 are different. BTS8000 is black, and BTS4000 is gray. 

●There are 4 ranges of each channel of BTS8000. The voltage range is 5V, and the current ranges are 10A, 100A, 200A and 400A. The accuracy of each range can be reached to 0.05% of FS.  

●The sampling rate of BTS8000 can be up to 100HZ, so data can be collected more effcient.

●BTS8000 can support simulative feature which means batteries can be simulated in different real working environments. If we are doing the simulation testing, a  corresponding curve graph will be drew by Neware’s software (BTSDA)  automatically at the same time. 

●Minimum pulse width is 500ms.

●It supports constant voltage discharging model.


The following picture illustrates the connection among middle machine, testing equipment, and aux channels (particularly for testing temperature) of BTS8000-5V400A-4CH:


The following table indicates the field of application and proper working environment:

Project Index Field of Application Project Index Proper Working Environment
Testing objects

EV battery

Power-storing battery

Super capacitor

Other power-storing system

Working temperature

Storing temperature



Battery parameters






Working humidity ≤70%RH (No Condensation of water vapor)

Ladder-type Charge discharge Test

Pulse test

Simulation test

Storing humidity ≤80%RH (No Condensation of water vapor)
Grading function Test and estimate the consistency of batteries’ quality    





The following tables show some models of BTS8000:

5V100A 5V200A 5V300A
5V400A 5V500A 5V1000A
BTS8000 (Regenerative)
5V120A 5V240A 5V480A 5V960A
60V60A 60V120A 60V240A 60V480A

Edited by: Kevin Du