How to update Neware Software offline

Neware software

 Our Software is consist of three main parts, BTS Client, BTS Server and BTSDA respectively. As the one of the most important tool to setup and assist the testing process, of course, to keep it update regularly is a foundation which leads to a successful and accurate battery test. The latest Neware software version so far is BTS7.6.0 (27/08/2018), expects the original functions, it also supports new features such as C-Rate mode, dQdV, also some minor stability and performance improvements along the way. Moreover, couple of other bug fixes and stability improvements were implemented to bring you a batter software experience. Today we are going to explain how to easily update software without damage or lost database and while the testing is running. 


Before we started, Please make sure:

  1. If you are running battery tests, please make sure you have disconnected the middle machine with computer  
Disconnected server the the middle machine

Here, as you can see, the test is still running if the middle machine is disconnected with the server. Lots of customers are also concerned about losing test results, while, our middle machine will automatically save all the data once it got disconnected. The available RAM for data storage of each Neware middle machine is about 768 MB. So how many data does one middle machine can be saved by itself? Let’s do a simple math here: 

If: 8 channels on each lower machine;
     total working units: 10;
     recording time: 0.1 s;
     1 data = 64 byte
Thus: Per Min: (64*  8* 10* 10 * 60)/1024/1024=  2.93 MB (This amount can be saved per min)
           Effective Hours: 768/2.93/60 = 4.3 hour
Summarize: one middle machine can provide enough database for 80 channels working at the same time for 4.3 hours ( If Recording time:0.1 s ) without connecting with the server, however, usually when customer doing a real cycle life testing, the recording time 


   2. Do not delete your database while you uninstalled the old version:  


 3.  Wait for up to 5 mins(to be sure all the temp data will be saved on computer)


Now, Let’s get it started

software update step 1



Step 1: Make Sure You remember the Storage Location on Your                     Computer. 













software update step 2



Step 2. Only Uninstall BTS Client and BTS Sever 





software update set 3



Step 3. Install the latest version in the exact same location as you saved before 


















After these THREE steps, now the whole updating process is finished. At the end, one more tips for you:
Lots of clients may wonder how to find test history into the updated version: 

How to find test history


Download  from here:



By: Yitta Liu
      Oliver Tao