Korea’s Leading Battery Exhibition, InterBattery 2018

InterBatte, one of the most sophisticated and essential event in the battery industry in Korea, was held in Seoul from 10 to 12, OCT. 2018. As the leader in battery testing system, we are very glad to be invited, so that we could share and discuss experiences and opinions with peers about what does the future look like in the battery industry.


Speaking of the InterBattery, the first was held in 2013, till now it is the sixth Battery Exhibition. It contained six main catalogs, battery, capacity, material, manufacturing, testing and others.  These over 100 exhibitors are all over the world, such as LG, SDI, LS, POSCO,L&F etc.. It is focusing on the mobile industry, ESS and EV market, in order to provide a forum for leading national and international scientists and engineers to exchange and communicate their work to the next generation of researchers as well as to industry, and thereby inspire the research communities to continuously make the scientific and technological breakthroughs needed to accelerate the transition towards a clean and sustainable energy society.

For More Information: http://interbattery.or.kr/en/about/about-interbattery/ 

Edit By: Yitta Liu