The 11th edition of the International Conference on Advanced Lithium Batteries for Automobile Applications was held in Huzhou , hosted by Huzhou Economic Development Zone. Starting in 2008, the ABAA conferences were conceived with the mission of enhancing global R&D of advanced lithium batteries for vehicles, accelerating the discussion and communication of R&D progress, as well as strengthening global collaboration in this field. It attracted more than 500 experts in the industry came to join this conferences, such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the National Energy Administration, the Zhejiang Provincial Government and other relevant ministries and commissions, local government leaders, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Industry Branch, China Battery Industry Association, China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association and other industry associations. Of course, Neware was there too. In order to have a better intercommunication with the industry experts and to promote the development level of the renewable energy.

There are some topics were picked up and discussed:

– Development of novel materials: cathodes, anodes, electrolytes and electrolyte additives.

– Safety and degradation mechanisms of lithium ion batteries.

– System design including the latest market trends affecting the automotive industry.

– New chemise for energy storage.

– Beyond Lithium ion (lithium sulfur, lithium air, and multivariate systems)

Based on the conference discussions, Neware’s CE-7000 PACK focused battery testing system is perfectly matched with the international requirements. There is a huge increasing trend showing up recently, and positive feedback is given by majority customers. A few days earlier, our CE7000 was entered into Russian market as well, it attracted lots of social attention, and also was a great start between Neware and Russian’s potential customers.

Edit By: Yitta Liu