BATTERY JAPAN is a world’s leading industry show covering materials, devices and finished products of secondary batteries. BATTERY JAPAN, a global representative exhibition, attracted more than 200 enterprises from about 20 countries around the world.  

As the EV market developing rapidly, auto manufacturers have been conducting researches and developments.

During this “world smart energy week”, the exhibitions of batteries related solar power, wind power and fuel were held, and they attracted 70,000 individuals to visit the expos.

BATTERY JAPAN that contains secondary battery, capacitor, advanced material and advanced device is the biggest battery show so far. During the expo, international symposiums were held. At past years, there were about 200 symposiums. Of course, the number has been increased this year. Many Exhibitors were from famous enterprises, thus, many secondary batteries manufacturers, automakers, electronic equipment manufacturers, battery users and renewable energy experts came for visiting, studying, and looking for opportunities.

In order to develop the market, promote the battery testing system and automation equipment, and communicate with related scholars and experts face-to-face, Neware decided to participate the the expo decisively and sent their outstanding employees to the BATTERY JAPAN.