For most of battery manufacturer, BTS4000 series is probably the best choice for testing their battery. BTS4000 is a reliable, trustworthy, and popluar battery testing equipment series, it applies various applications of battery test: charge, discharge, OCV, DCIR, pulse, driving simulation, cycle-life, etc..

The advantages of BTS4000 is not only its powerful functions, but also its wide output range, and these are the reason why BTS4000 can test cells ( coin, cylindrical, and pouch), battery modules and packs, and super capacitors.

The output ranges of BTS4000 for cells start from 5V1mA up to 5V50mA,5V6A, 5V10A,  and highest 5V3000A. Besides, BTS4000 series for battery modules, and packs start from 10V1A up to 10V10A, 20V50A, 50V60A, 60V100A, and highest 100V100A.

By the end of year 2017, Neware sold more than 150,000 sets of BTS4000. Many large enterprises such as Samsung, LG, and ATL have used BTS4000 to test their battery for many years. Battery manufactures often use it in their large scale automated lines for battery formation, grading, OCV and capacity check.

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